Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just checking in

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Do not panic. I am fine.

So, it’s been a while since I last posted and I will regroup and continue where I left off last fall. 

In August I spent a glorious holiday with my husband’s family in New Brunswick. This beautiful province is perched on Canada’s east coast along the Atlantic Ocean; which is known as the gateway to the Maritimes and home to the highest tides in the world. It is an area renowned for Acadian culture and hospitality – friendly people who know the true meaning of “joie de vivre” love of life. Favorite moments include the good salmon fishing on the Miramichie river route, the foot stomping festivals, and the classic Maritime kitchen parties. A must see is the Chaleur Bay and the Bay of Fundy, known as one of the Marine Wonders of the world.  My days were spent in leisure visiting with family and being truly spoiled by good home cooking. Everyone in the family seems to have a cabin, referred to as ‘camp’, so it was only fitting to head out into nature and spend some restful days away from civilization. I have to admit I was unable to sleep in while there, mainly because the men in the family were busy finishing off the siding on the new cabin. They seemed to enjoy getting up with the sun. I had the luxury of wandering back to bed to dose off again or to just lie there enjoying the early morning birdcalls. My big decision for the day was whether to read my book “Pillars of the earth”, I wanted to finish reading it while on holiday, or get up and be the gofer for the workingmen. You guessed it; I got up and made breakfast. I plan on returning this year to the coast, as family is very important.

We ran out of time for two of our dear dogs. Gracie, only four years old succumbed to a possible heart attack and Troy my beautiful agility partner left us too soon. We had to let him go after a short illness as the equilibrium between good and bad days was tipping in the wrong direction. Sleep in peace dear friends.

November 14, 2006 – July 6, 2011

July 27, 1999 – January 20, 2012

Christmas came and went whether we were ready or not. Prior to the Advent season our family got together to bake our traditional cookies and enjoyed the many musical festivities our city had to offer.  I seemed to have simplified the festive season this year. I still acquired the family and friends gifts and got them dispatched in a timely fashion. We had our usual family gatherings. Christmas Eve we spent watching old movies and Christmas day we had brunch with gift opening and the big turkey dinner. The entire day consisted of food preparation and consumption. 

Off we lurched into a new year. I’ve added another year to my personal count with my birthday falling between Christmas and New Year’s Day. There is nothing like a birthday to make you look back over the year that’s been and ahead to the year that will be. Looking to new beginnings and to memories in the making, to a time for reflections and resolutions and to a time of self-assurance of doing your best. 

In January we finally had winter. We’ve plunged from daily highs into classic Saskatchewan deep freezes with wind shills making it feel like something in the minus 30. Throw in the heavy snowfalls, and it was instant winter.

This is one of our Amaryllis. It has come into full bloom and is one of the prettiest as far as color goes and gave us a boost on long winter days. 

I am glad we are now in the month of April as I haven’t done a whole lot of encaustic work this winter, I kept telling myself, if it’s important, I’d do it. So, many of times the task at hand was left undone. Now that there are so many signs of the new season I feel somewhat energized and it’s getting hard to deny that it’s really close at hand although there’s always the possibility that we could still see snow any time. 

I ventured out to the first two dog shows of the year here in Saskatchewan. Shelties were at their best winning Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show by two of my friends. I got caught up with people I hadn’t seen all winter, visited with friends, and encountered a whole new set of dog people that now know I exist. All in all, both were stellar weekends.