Thursday, July 28, 2011

Berry Barn

To satisfy my occasional craving for Saskatoon Berry Pie I headed out to the old Berry Barn were these decadent desserts are on the menu.

Never heard of a Saskatoon berry?
The berry is native to the Canadian prairies and the berries grow on trees that reach heights of 15 feet.
Known for their Saskatoon “MUST HAVES” when visiting, these delectable berries are grown in this area and known world wide for their sweet and distinct flavor.

Tucked away on Valley Road, and located on the beautiful banks of the South Saskatchewan River, this must see destination presents most breathtaking views in the area. Accentuated by its brilliantly landscaped grounds and carefully manicured berry orchards, the Berry Barn is an ideal location to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy everything wonderful that this province has to offer.

Here is a picture of a little “make shift church’ in the Berry Patch were weddings take place.

The Berry Barn grounds play host to a 28 acre Saskatoon berry orchard the oldest in Saskatchewan. It is here that thousands of pounds of these distinctly flavored berries grow, waiting to be used in various desserts and preserves that are made right on site.

In the past I used to enjoy an afternoon of picking my own berries in the U-pick area to make my own preserves.

I am drawn to this area and the river for its historic beauty, its old fashioned hospitality and colorful countryside, were Canola blooms a brilliant yellow in high summer and golden barley shimmers in the sun.

I’ve learned the hard way that one should take photos while you can. Here is a picture of the old barn before the new renovation.


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